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Help with interagency collaboration and teamwork

Peter Limbrick is passionate about the need for joint working for service users who are helped by two or more agencies at the same time.

Since developing the TAC (Team Around the Child) model of early childhood intervention, Peter has worked in England, Scotland, Northern & Southern Ireland and Australia (New South Wales and Victoria) helping education, health and social care agencies to work with each other.

The intended outcome of this consultancy work is a whole approach to service users who have multiple interventions from a number of agencies. Shared referral processes, joint assessments of need and integrated interventions are the antidote to damaging and often dangerous fragmentation and disorganisation.

 Peter's work can be in any country with agencies that support children and adults with a range of needs and will be structured in line with the philosophy and principles outlined in Horizontal Teamwork in a Vertical World: Exploring interagency collaboration and people empowerment.

Key elements of interagency collaboration, as many countries suffer cuts in public services and as private agencies and voluntary bodies increase their role in supporting people in need, are: 

  • developing effective partnerships between agencies and service users
  • preventing further fragmentation of interventions
  • maintaining competence and high professional standards in all service providers

Costs are likely to be in the region of £500 per day with an increase for regional or national government agencies. Interested service providers are invited to make contact to discuss their needs.

Meetings: Peter also welcomes invitations to speak at conferences and to run seminars on interagency collaboration and horizontal teamwork.

Peter is author (or editor) of the following books published by Interconnections:

  1. Horizontal Teamwork in a Vertical World: Exploring interagency collaboration and people empowerment (2012)
  2. An Interview with Professor Hilton Davies (2011 – edited by Peter Limbrick)
  3. TAC for the 21st Century: Nine essays on Team Around the Child (2009)
  4. Family-centred Support for Children with Disabilities and Special Needs: A collection of essays (2007 – edited by Peter Limbrick)
  5. Early Support for Children with Complex Needs: Team Around the Child and the Multi-agency Keyworker (2004)
  6. An Integrated Pathway for Assessment and Support: For children with complex needs and their families (2003)
  7. Team Around the Child: Multi-agency service co-ordination for children with complex needs and their families (2001)


Peter Limbrick


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Tel/fax: 01497 831550

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