Two Interconnections seminars in Shrewsbury UK (2017) – 1: Re mental health of infants with disabilities (July). 2: Re sleep for disabled children & teens (October)

1. This seminar is part of an international initiative to consider the emotional health and psychological wellbeing of infants with disabilities and their families.

ECI without Tears: Seminar with Peter Limbrick about enhanced child development & family support, Shrewsbury UK, July 2017. £30. Parents welcome

2. This seminar is part of the Interconnections Sleep Initiative and is relevant to families, child development professionals and to staff members in homes and residential schools.

An introduction to sleep assessment with disabled children and teenagers. An afternoon seminar with Julie Sutton. Shrewsbury, UK in October 2017

£45. Parents welcome.

Contact Peter Limbrick if you would like these seminars to come to your part of the UK or Ireland. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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