bookcover_hilton-davis-frame An Interview with Professor Hilton Davis

Edited by Peter Limbrick


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This publication is dedicated to everyone working in support of people who are vulnerable or in need for whatever reason. It is particularly for those who see that the system in which they work could be improved in terms of the quality of the support offered and the outcomes achieved.


Professor Hilton Davis’ success in his endeavour to create real and lasting change is there for all to see. Thanks to him and his colleagues we now have the scientifically validated Family Partnership Model, the   Centre for Parent and Child Support now at the Michael Rutter Centre at the Maudsley Hospital in London, and a successful professional training programme that has thousands of graduates in many countries.


It goes without saying that one cannot create significant change in any institution or organisation without being changed oneself. As the interview   progresses we see that Hilton Davis’ professional effort to develop a model of helping has also been a personal journey for this gifted and committed academic who remains modest about his abilities and achievements.

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