F-Words Training Project Summary: Functioning, Family, Fun, Friends, and Future

From their website:

CanChild’s ‘F‐words for Child Development’ offer a fresh way for everyone to look at health. Based on World Health Organization (WHO) concepts, they present a holistic, strengths‐based, function‐promoting, family‐centred approach to child health. These ideas have captured the attention of families and service providers worldwide.

The uptake of the F‐words, and requests for workshops, have created a pressing need to expand the F‐words training. With family and SP co‐applicants, we propose to create a new online F‐Words Foundations Training Program for families and service providers.

The project team aims to assess two versions of our new online program:

  • a self‐paced program that people complete on their own, and
  • the self‐paced program plus five hours of synchronous small group training with a facilitator parent, service provider, and researcher (the facilitated model)...

Read more: https://kidsbrainhealth.ca/portfolio-items/evaluating-a-new-training-program-for-families-and-service-providers/

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