2-day Sleep Practitioner Course

sleepworkThis 2-day workshop for professionals working with families of disabled children comes from the Handsel Project's Sleep Initiative to tackle sleep deprivation in families of disabled children. The course is relevant to people in any country and uses the English language.

The course can be in-house at your venue for a maximum of 18 delegates.

This 2-day course provides a sound knowledge of sleep theory and equips professionals with the specialist skills to support families of disabled babies, children and young people. The topics covered include:

  1. Mechanisms of typical sleep, for example sleep phases and cycle.
  2. Different categories of sleep disorder commonly seen in disabled children.
  3. Partnership working with families of disabled children.
  4. How complex health needs associated with disabled children impact on sleep.
  5. Understanding the role of medication in tackling sleep disturbance.
  6. Preventing sleep problems and developing positive sleep habits.
  7. Assessing sleep problems using diaries and questionnaires.
  8. Understanding how different strategies work and knowing how to apply them.

The training is specifically designed for frontline health and other professionals who work with families of children with disabilities / special needs, including doctors, health visitors, community children's nurses, school nurses and psychologists.

Our sleep consultant and trainer is Julie Sutton who joined the Handsel Sleep Initiative in 2008 with the specific role of developing and delivering sleep practitioner training. She is a learning disability nurse specialising in working with families of children with families of children with disabilities and is an experienced trainer. Her experience includes five years as a Community Sister for children with learning disabilities.

For further information, to discuss your needs or to book your training please contact me at the e-mail address below. I will be happy to answer any questions.

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