TAC Bulletin – Issue Number 195 – April 2017

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Rebound Therapy training courses are now available in the USA, Canada and all English-speaking countries

Introduction to a bowel & bladder assessment for children/teenagers with disabilities – Chelmsford UK, June 2017 – only £48

Intensive Interaction Co-ordinator Course

Protecting mental health of infants with complex disabilities & their families, Hay-on-Wye, May (£55) – Shrewsbury, July (£30). Both UK seminars 2017 

Intensive Interaction Good Practice Course

Science-Based Innovation – training about program development and evaluation in early childhood programs, Oregon US in May 2017

Do you support children’s education during emergencies and crisis? Will you share your stories with ACEI?

Cyprus issues decree banning wi-fi from kindergartens – an example for all of us to follow

Children learn from experience – sometimes this is very harmful. Such as witnessing domestic abuse. Play Therapy UK offers help

Risks of Cannabis on Fertility, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Parenting – Booklet from Best Start Resource Centre, 2017

PMG Conference - July 2017 in Cardiff, Wales - about posture and wheeled mobility

Learn & Grow Together- Parenting conference, May 2017, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Intensive Interaction - One Day Course, presented by Dave Hewett, Friday 6th October 2017, Birmingham UK

Intensive Interaction for People with Profound & Multiple Learning Disabilities - One Day Course


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