Interconnections Online Forum

An Online Forum for your team, service, region or country

̶  to enhance early child and family support (or early childhood intervention or ECI) around babies and young children who have disabilities and special needs


The Forum is made up of interested people in your locality and is an alternative to face-to-face meetings and webinars. Its duration is one calendar month.

This Online Forum supports service development and is available to any linked group of people in the locality who are keen to share ideas and explore how to move forward.

The subject matter will be health, education and family support in response to babies and young children who have disabilities, development delay and other conditions that impact on their early development and learning.

The people who can take part as members of the Forum include practitioners, parents, family members, academics in local colleges and universities, members of support groups and other people who have a practical interest.

Discussions are by e-mail during a single calendar month. Members join in the discussions when it suits them between the other things they are doing in their busy days.



Each Forum has an Organiser who belongs to the team, service, region or country and who invites people to join the Forum. Discussions are initiated and facilitated by Peter Limbrick.

Towards the end of the month, information will be collected from the discussions to inform service development. Your Online Forum can lead to future webinars and meetings if you wish.



Information here about how to make it happen:


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