Basic issues around wireless and 5G – relevant to every country

The issues surrounding the deployment of wireless technology infrastructure touch every aspect of our lives, from safety and security to health and property values -

- They include increased fire risk, greater power consumption, invasion of personal privacy, lack of insurance, threats to the environment and our food supply, and the transfer of liability from wireless corporations to local governments and taxpayers. ​

  • Exposure to radiofrequency radiation ("wireless radiation") is harmful to human health. Thousands of studies showing biological harm from exposure, now confirmed by the National Institutes of Health, have removed all reasonable doubt. Old exposure standards based on thermal effects are useless. Now the question for legislators and regulators is, What are we going to do about it?
  • There is no justification for this massive wireless densification. The build-out of millions of new wireless antennas to facilitate 5G is not necessary for national security or public safety. It will not improve emergency responsiveness, since all phones and text messages will continue to use 4G. Rural communities are not likely to benefit from 5G because it requires densification that’s not economically feasible where homes are spread too far apart. Low income communities will not benefit from 5G or wireless internet because of its significantly higher cost.  We believe the primary purpose of 4G/5G densification is profit. It will allow telecoms to compete with cable companies by selling wireless video subscriptions that deliver television without having to invest the money to lay cable. Billions in profits will result from charging consumers to watch movies, play online games, and surf the internet, and by mining and marketing the resulting customer data....

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