The advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic radiation and all its gadgets

‘we need independent research showing long-term exposure is safe’

Peter Limbrick writes: There is much hysteria around at the moment in my country and perhaps yours. We have loud claims that 5G radiation is the answer to all our prayers, that smartphones are a large part of the answer to solving C-19, that we are on the cusp of a new world of automation and ease.

Then there are claims that we are all being spied on by our own and other governments, that electromagnetic radiation is a dangerous pollution and that 5G is the cause of the C-19 pandemic.

I have learned it is often wise to inhabit a space between all extremes. I have long suspected electromagnetic radiation is toxic and, if anyone asks me, I strongly advise against having these gadgets near pregnant women, babies and young children. This is a precautionary approach that was once UK government guidance.  I do not have a smartphone and my office has no wi-fi gadgets. 5G magnifies my concern.  But I use the internet and value the international correspondence and sharing of ideas it brings me – with wired connections.

In my middle ground, I recall reading valid claims that long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation reduces immunity. For instance: A number of papers dealing with the effects of modern, man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on the immune system are summarized in the present review. EMFs disturb immune function through stimulation of various allergic and inflammatory responses, as well as effects on tissue repair processes... So if I am in danger of a virus infection I would feel safest in a radiation-free environment. If we up the radiation stakes with 5G, do we lower our immunity to viruses?

Another issue: Smartphones and other gadgets come with a heavy price tag. Paid not by us in the wealthy West but by people in remote areas whose job it is to mine the precious metals they need. Madeleine Cuff in the i newspaper on 16th May 2020, tells us:

Coltan is a material crucial for producing modern electronic including smartphones. Most coltan mines are in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where rebel groups have invaded tropical forests to establish mines.  She quotes the writer, David Quammen – “In purchasing a cellphone, each of us is asks a miner to go into that area and mine for coltan...”

Many of these miners are children. See: Is your phone tainted by the misery of the 35,000 children in Congo's mines? If we would not buy clothes sewn by young children in India, why are we comfortable with gadgets tainted by the misery of children in Africa?

With my concern about electromagnetic radiation, I share a view with many others that we need independent research showing long-term exposure is safe. If such research exists it ought to be in the public domain but I have not come across it yet. Similarly, the governments and organisations promoting and defending 5G ought to be backing themselves up with a body of independent research showing long-term and close exposure is safe. I have not come across this either yet.   

99.99% of us have not looked into the independent research about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. We content ourselves with the blurb on the box the gadget comes in. Are you in this majority? If you want to start getting informed, here is a start: The Body Electric + Microwave Radiation, April 24, 2020 or

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