Coaching and Empowering Caregivers of Children with Hearing Loss

--- an approach to foster well-being ---

By Joanne N Travers

From the publisher’s website:

"Coaching and Empowering Caregivers of Children with Hearing Loss, an approach to foster well-being offers a paradigm in hearing health practices that considers psychological well-being a foundation to parent interventionism.  The author shares her experience serving low and middle income countries with the intention to scale up essential ways practitioners can effectively coach and empower caregivers. Five domains of caregiver well-being are spelled out in the book with the goal of enabling parental caregivers to thrive in the development of their children’s learning and communication.

“This is an important resource for practitioners and community service providers who live and work directly with families of children with hearing loss and other disabilities. Many caregivers in developing countries face harsh stigma, exclusion of their children, and barriers to parental supports. Positive interventions are needed to ensure caregivers are equipped emotionally and prepared to engage and participate in their children’s communication, learning, and development.

“Who is the book for?

"The book is written for:

                • Audiologists and Technicians
                • Social Workers
                • Teachers of the Deaf
                • Speech Language Therapists
                • Parent Group Leaders and Advocates
                • Community Rehabilitation Coordinators
                • Family Centered Service Providers
                • Pediatricians
                • University Students”

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