Early childhood intervention without tears. New publication by Peter Limbrick

This book is about early childhood intervention (ECI) for infants who have a multifaceted condition (the old ‘multiple disabilities’) and their families. It suggests ECI services, even in wealthy and well-developed countries, can:

- fail to properly respect infant and family

- get in the way of the mother-infant bond

- impose added stress and exhaustion on the infant

- impose added stress and exhaustion on the family

- impoverish infant and family’s quality of life

- impede the family’s journey to a new normal family life

The book enlarges on the above concerns and offers a reconfiguration of ECI (‘Early Support’ in England) starting with a re-framing of the aims of ECI.

This is a companion volume to Peter Limbrick’s TAC for the 21st century: Nine essays on Team Around the Child.

Early childhood intervention without tears will be published during November this year at £20. To order a copy contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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