COFACE Disability Platform puts the spotlight on Children with Disabilities

Breaking policy silos to better support children with disabilities and their families

Children with disabilities are at the intersection of various policy fields. As persons with disabilities, they are supposedly covered by disability-specific policies and as children, their rights are protected by child-focused policies, given that they are disability-inclusive. While there should be an increased opportunity to advance the rights of children with disabilities and there are noticeable efforts to address intersecting vulnerabilities in EU social policies, much still needs to be done as children with disabilities fall through the cracks of “siloed” policy-making.

With this brief, the COFACE Disability Platform wants to launch a reflection on how to design better policy responses for children with disabilities and their families. The interrelated well-being of children and their families is now an acknowledged trait in recent EU policies and this whole-family approach is even more crucial for children with disabilities whose families need to be supported in order to create a safe a nurturing environment where children can grow up and develop according to their needs and wishes.

This brief intends to extend the reflection to these families and how the focus on the intersection of disabilities and age (and more) can lead to better outcomes for children with disabilities and their families.

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