Kindness: a dynamic, two-way exchange that is critical to the community services sector

Creator: Penny Fitzpatrick of MartinJenkins and Associates, for Good Bitches Baking

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A qualitative snapshot of kindness through the lens of community service organisations in Aotearoa.

This study began with a question: What is the role of kindness from the perspective of community services organisations (CSOs) in Aotearoa New Zealand?

To answer this question, we engaged 258 individuals who work for, or volunteer with, wide-ranging community services sector organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand. The research included 50 in-depth interviews, and 208 survey responses. Through their feedback we conclude that kindness is a dynamic, two-way exchange that is both integral to the survival and effectiveness of CSOs, and that CSOs themselves have a critical role in fostering kindness within society....

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