Screens, Swipes, and Society: The Future of Digital Citizenship in an Ever-Changing Tech Landscape

By Samia Kazi

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In a world where toddlers seamlessly transition from building with blocks to swiping on screens, the intertwining of early childhood and technology becomes inevitable.

The digital realm is not a mere adjunct to our world, but rather is an integral part of the ecosystem in which our children are growing up. Beyond the buzzes, beeps, and pixels lies an intricate landscape of norms, rights, and responsibilities, just as complex and crucial as those in the physical world.

As our children set out on their digitally enhanced life voyage, guiding them through the essence of digital citizenship becomes paramount. This guidance goes beyond ensuring they know which button to press; they need grounding in the values and discernment required to use technology responsibly and ethically in an ever-evolving landscape.

There are many different definitions/components of digital citizenship. The table linked here is a collection of definitions taken from various sources. As educators, we can review this list as we consider ways to build digital citizenship lessons into our teaching....


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