New campaign: Generation Palestine

On 75th anniversary of the Nakba, new MAP* campaign seeks a brighter future for Palestine’s next generation

*MAP - Medical Aid for Palestinians, is a British charity that offers medical services in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon, and advocates for Palestinians' rights to health and dignity.

From MAP website:

As Palestinians commemorate 75 years since the Nakba (‘catastrophe’), Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) has launched a new campaign, Generation Palestine to shine a light on the devastating impact of decades of forced exile, occupation, and systematic discrimination on the Palestinian people, and to demand international action to ensure a brighter future for Palestine’s next generation.

During the Nakba, 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from or fled their homes in historic Palestine during the violent events related to the creation of the state of Israel. Hundreds of towns and villages were destroyed, and their inhabitants displaced to the West Bank and Gaza and neighbouring countries including Lebanon....


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