Young Carers in Dundee (UK) - The Power of Partnership. Includes video

Part of Co-production in Scotland

From the Co-production in Scotland website: "What happens when young carers are involved as an equal partner and are able to inform the key priorities that statutory and third sector partners work towards?  What happens when all members of a partnership take responsibility to get it right for all of our young carers and commit to being a City that cares? 

"A new policy to ensure young carers in schools in Dundee were identified and supported was developed in partnership with young carers, Dundee City Council and Dundee Carers Centre and launched in 2017.  This, however, was only the beginning of the story. 

"Driven by the young carers involved in the process ongoing work was undertaken by the schools, Education Senior managers and Dundee Carers Centre to ensure that the policy did not gather dust on the shelves but was a practical document and resource to ensure that identifying and supporting young carers would become everyone’s responsibility..."

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