We know what helps keeps children healthy. And it’s not a Covid jab in my view. Includes VIDEOS

I have seen no evidence that this inoculation is safe for children in the long term

In April this year I asked TAC Bulletin readers ‘Should we give babies and children a Covid vaccine? My cautious mind says not.’ Since then my mind has become more determined. The reasons for giving children of twelve years and older one of the Covid jabs are in my view too weak and the long-term risks too strong.

So why is it happening? Seems to me the government in my country (UK) has become obsessed with jabbing everyone. We’ve had the first shot, then the second and now the booster. Then there will be boosters 2, 3 4... then a campaign to inoculate younger children... then toddlers... then new borns.

I can see no scientific reason for this obsession. I wonder if pharmaceutical companies are applying pressure on government ministers? There is certainly pressure on the UK public. We have ministers, government scientists, royalty, lords and ladies, bishops, film stars, major newspapers, BBC and sports heroes lining up to tell us how wonderful the Covid jabs are.

We know how to help children of any age to stay healthy: sunshine, fresh air, exercise, clean water, friends, play, healthy food, essential vitamins... This creates a healthy childhood and strong immunity.  I have seen no convincing evidence that any of the Covid jabs make children immune to the virus. I have seen no convincing evidence that any of the Covid jabs prevent Covid virus transmission. So why jab teenagers?

In many countries, including mine, there are fears in the general public that governments are using Covid as an excuse for becoming dictatorial. Do you see this happening? One symptom of this is to suppress discussion by labelling those who would argue against government policy as traitors, terrorists, antivaxers, conspiracy theorists and as people who are generally ill-informed, ignorant and stupid. Surely, it would be better to replace name-calling with proper data?

Whenever I see an argument between people positioned on two extremes, I always want to explore the middle ground. Often this is the middle ground that extremists on either side do not want us to see. The videos below include scientists, doctors and commentators making middle-ground arguments and using official data and published research.

They are humbly offered here in case you are in a quandary about giving children a Covid jab. We all need clear and honest information about benefits, risks and damage already caused. Children need honest data at a level they can understand so that they can resist peer pressure. None of us need patronising messages from princes and archbishops treating us all as infants.

I feel there should be open and honest debate at all levels and including press and media about the advantages and disadvantages of Covid inoculations for people of all ages. I feel there is no such debate at the moment.

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https://thehighwire.com/watch/ Look for Episode 236


Peter Limbrick

October 2021

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