1.2 million old people in England do not get the care they need. Could you start a Caring Activist Forum in your neighbourhood?

Peter Limbrick writes: Public services are leaving frail elderly people to struggle on their own – alone and without support services. Charities cannot meet the demand. The situation can only get worse.

A Caring Activist Forum in your neighbourhood could keep a watchful eye for elderly people who are alone, unvisited and struggling. Caring Activists are concerned citizens who step in to offer companionship and practical support. It is just people helping people.

Visit: http://www.caringactivism.com/

See Age UK report: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/Documents/EN-GB/For-professionals/Research/The_Health_and_Care_of_Older_People_in_England_2016.pdf?dtrk=true

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