The penny is dropping

– children and electromagnetic radiation do  not mix! Wi-fi in school & masts near homes and schools are a massive risk

Peter Limbrick writes –

In my effort to alert parents, teachers, head teachers and school governors (and all people involved with children) that mobile phone technology and wi-fi gadgets have never been tested for their long-term health effects on babies, children and young people, and on their parents and workers, I offer below two items. The first is news of a UK MP campaigning against erection of a mast near a school. The second comes from Canada and is a letter from a worried school principal to her government.

All of this technology is very attractive and very convenient, but the evidence is building around the world that electromagnetic radiation in close proximity to our children can cause cancer and brain tumours. The responsible adult and governmental attitude ought to be to adopt a precautionary principal and to reduce exposure as much as possible. My personal stance is to suggest keeping wi-fi laptops away from children and pregnant women, to convert schools to wired systems (easily done), and to restrict children’s use of mobile phones to emergency situations. The latter is not so easily done, but why are we so willing to go like lambs to the slaughter instead of fighting tooth and nail to protect our children – the next generation?


Item 1: Chingford: MP opposes phone-mast plans

The following extracts come from a story in the East London and West Essex Guardian, by Safira Ali on 1st December, 2010.

Chingford: MP opposes phone-mast plans

MP Iain Duncan Smith is asking councillors to turn down an application for a phone mast near a school.
Concerned parents are opposing a proposed 12-metre mast in Richmond Road, Chingford. They say it could be harmful to children who attend St Mary's Catholic School in nearby Station Road. Mr Duncan Smith met with parents of children at the school and headteacher Philomena Egan last week to hear their concerns.
He said: “Considering the evidence about the damaging health effects of mobile phone base stations, it would clearly be irresponsible to have one so near young children.
“I have done extensive work on early years, and it is clear that the first few years of a child's life are crucial to his or her brain development.
“The parents of St Mary's Catholic Primary School are understandably very concerned for their children's health.
“I will be writing to the local councillors to impress upon them the need to ensure this application is never approved.”
Last month Jim Stevenson, a spokesman for O2 and Vodafone, said: “We do tell anyone that asks us that there have been a lot of scientific studies done over the last two years.
“None of them have come up with any health or safety problems related to phone masts or mobile phones. We are satisfied with the research.”
An application for a 15 metre mast in Shernhall Street in Walthamstow was recently turned down following a campaign by local residents.
The committee said the location was inappropriate.


Item 2: Schools  – Wired or Wireless?

A school principal in Canada wrote to her Parliament on November 1, 2010 as follows:

As a long-time principal of an independent school, I see the health and safety of our children as a non-negotiable responsibility. As technology contributes to ever-changing environmental influences, it’s often a challenge to stay informed to the degree required to protect ourselves, and particularly our vulnerable children. I was therefore very appreciative of the information provided by “Citizens for Safe Technology” (visit ).

Although there is far from universal agreement as to the dangers of wireless technology, and there are many with vested interests in its continued use, evidence of its harmful effects is extensive and widespread. The default position must therefore be on the side of safety. One wouldn’t consider using a chemical substance without knowing for absolute certainty that it could cause no harm, even if many people considered it safe and it had many benefits. By the same token, the benefits of wireless technology cannot be responsibly utilized when there is any evidence of harm, let alone the overwhelming information we now have of potential damage.

Changes in complex systems, such as the public school system, can be dangerously slow. I’m grateful that I had the autonomy to make the right decision for our students. On educating myself through the information provided me, I immediately removed all wireless technology from our school and banned the use of cell phones within our building. It was not a major change to hard-wire all computers. In our older classes, every child has a laptop, which connects to the internet through one of several hard-wired internet collections. We have advanced technology without any of the dangers of wireless radiowaves.

I am happy to discuss this decision with anyone who may be interested.

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