Becoming pregnant with cerebral palsy

Suddenly, I’d gone from having maybe one or two falls a week to one every day. This was terrifying...’

Deaire Pecora writes: 'That first pregnancy test is nerve-wracking for everyone, so many thoughts pass through your head as you wait for a result. For me, that very first time, I was skeptical. I’d taken three tests in the weeks prior, and they had been negative.

'But now though, I was three weeks late and bam, it was positive.

'Then the horrific fear set in. This was an unplanned pregnancy and I’d spent years being warned by everyone, from doctors to friends and family, that I might not be physically capable of carrying a healthy baby to term.

'So, I was terrified. It didn’t help that when I went to the doctors, there was no reassurance or advice. I was told they’d treat me like any other pregnant woman and go from there...'

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