Rich Men, Prisoners and Gods


The Guardian newspaper on 6th February this year reported –

‘The coronavirus pandemic has wrought economic disruption on a global scale, but one sector has marched on throughout the chaos: big tech. Further evidence of the industry’s relentless progress has come in recent weeks with the news that Apple and Amazon both raked in sales of $100bn (£72bn) over the past three months – 25% more than Tesco brings in over a full year....’

Why have we given these men, Jeff Bezos and the like, so much of our money and so much power over us? Are these men our new gods? And if they are, is this world of new technology our heaven – our promised land? So what is hell? Hell will come when children are brought up to believe all this clever gadgetry gives life its meaning.

And another question: Why are we so resigned to being prisoners in our own homes without human rights, without work, without schools for our children and often without money or food? The damage to our present and future mental health from these lockdowns is too massive for me grasp. Some people are taking legal action against lockdowns. For example:

'German District Court declares Corona Ordinance Unconstitutional'

Extract from an article by Rosalind English: ‘In a landmark judgment on January 11, a district court judge in Weimar declared the prohibition on social contact unlawful as contrary to the German Basic Law (Gründgesetz). Its order at the time had been unconstitutional because the Infection Protection Act was not a sufficient legal basis for such a far-reaching regulation as a contact ban, the ruling said. The order of the contact ban had violated human dignity and had not been proportionate....’

share your information  Cartoon © Martina Jirankova-Limbrick 2011