Euthanasia of the elderly! It is already here in England. You can get a DO NOT RESUSCITATE order against your will. Could this happen in your country?

NHS in England is compiling a national frailty index to go on elderly people’s medical records - BEWARE!

(NHS = National Health Service)

Editorial: This all has the taste of fascism. The Daily Mail on 28/11/20 cries out to wake us all up to what England’s government is doing. The brave article by Sue Reid is headed:

“Condemned by a 'care pathway'... again: Elderly patients are still given 'Do Not Resuscitate' orders against their or their families' wishes as this 93-year-old's horrific experience reveals”

- and tells us:

  • “Lucy Jeal, 93, was told she would not be brought back to life if her heart failed
  • She was sent an A4 size notice to be displayed in her home, stating she should not be resuscitated if her heart stops 
  • Frailty nursing practitioners now look for those deemed to need assessment
  • Does Lucy's story sound familiar to you? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.” 

The article introduces us to Lucy who “... on the NHS's clinical frailty scale of one (very fit) to nine (terminally ill) used to assess the elderly by nurses, she scores a three.” This score according to NHS means 'Managing Well: People whose medical problems are well controlled, but are not regularly active beyond routine walking'.

The article tells us, “Lucy appears to have been caught up in a new project by the NHS to help those who are over-65 and living at home. As part of this, the age group are encouraged to make early decisions about their 'advanced care' — an NHS euphemism for end-of-life treatment.”

Do you hear alarm bells ringing? Lucy had a surprise visit from a frailty nurse who snooped around and then sent her a letter saying Do Not Resuscitate which she was supposed to stick in her window. Neither Lucy nor her children and grandchildren wanted this.

Where is the dividing line between involuntary DNR, letting people die when they want to carry on living, euthanasia, and murder?

Was Lucy’s frailty nurse wearing a Nazi arm band, I wonder?

Fascist campaigns start small – on defenceless people like Lucy. When Hitler decided to gas the people he didn’t like, he started with disabled people and used them to perfect his killing machine. It is described here: The Foundation for Public Utility of Enterprise Health Care. 12 steps in Hell (2013)

What has this to do with children? During the 1990's I was working with a family who were asked to put their child on the local councils 'register of disabled childen'. The mother had a keen awareness of the holocaust and told me she would never put her child on such a list. I could not disagree with her. 

Please read the article in the Daily Mail and send it into your networks. Your family needs to be aware of this and I shall certainly be on the look-out for a frailty nurse knocking on my door!

Peter Limbrick, December 2020

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