How and when to offer families of children with disabilities just one main practitioner

Families can be overloaded by too many proactitioners

Primary Interventionist in the Team Around the Child Approach

By Peter Limbrick. 2018


“Long-term stress and strain in families can surely contribute to later mental ill-health for children, parents and other close family members. These mental states should not be underestimated. Coupled with anxiety about the child’s future and a feeling of being out of control of the family, they can overwhelm parents, keeping them awake into the small hours and bringing up very dark thoughts.

“Unhelpful patterns of service delivery that add to stress and strain come from practitioners and managers who are trying to help. So, what is going wrong? A big part of the answer is overload of children and parents with just too many practitioners and programmes. In outdated thinking, this overload is an appropriate and inevitable response to the baby or infant’s multifaceted condition. There is a problem to address here needing all our creativity and willingness to change.”

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