Yellowstone Park (US) to be flooded with radiation. Then we can picnic under wireless antennas

Have they not understood the science about trees and climate change?


Editorial: There are three news items here from US, Russia and France. The first is symptomatic of the obsession with gadgets and how long gone are the days when we tried to protect ourselves and our environments from radiation.

Now no environment is safe from the march of the masts. Have they forgotten in Yellowstone Park that trees are part of the essential environment for hundreds of other plant and animal species? Have they not understood the science about trees and climate change? Or perhaps being able to watch movies outdoors takes precedence over everything else.

The second and third items show a more sensible and cautious approach to radiation. There is no UK item here. UK government seems to assume the only information we need about radiation is the advertising on the box the gadgets come in.  


One: Yellowstone Park to be flooded with Wi-Fi. 100 Trees Already Cut Down!

A company called AccessParks wants to install 484 wireless antennas within and atop historic lodges (including the iconic Old Faithful Inn), visitor centers, and other buildings to bring broadband throughout most of the park’s developed areas. 100 trees, in a stand approximately 30 years old, have already been removed to increase reception for a facility...

Read more here from Environmental Health Trust


Two: 2020 Health and Safety Rules for Distance Learning

The Russia Ministry of Health has set new health and safety rules banning Wi-Fi and banning smartphones for distance learning. The Guide “Hygienic standards and special requirements for the device, content and modes of operation in a digital educational environment in the field of general education” is on the website of the Institute of Child Hygiene of the Ministry of Health which states,  “The guidance is based on the results of scientific research carried out in recent years, including in the framework of multicenter studies to ensure safe digital educational technologies for the health of children under the auspices of the Departments of Medical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.”

The new rules for digital school and computer learning at home include the following:

  • A ban on Wi-Fi and wireless Internet connections for primary school. 
  • A ban on smartphones for purposes of education. 
  • Recommendation to use books for home study, not computers. 
  • Recommendation against locating mobile network base stations (cell towers) on school grounds.

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Three: France - New Regulations for Wireless Devices to Ensure Transparency for Customers

From July 1st, the SAR display of all equipment generating radiofrequency radiation (more than 20mW) used in close proximity to the body will be displayed to better inform the public. France already has a comparable law for cell phones but now the regulations are extended to   devices which include tablets, connected watches, wireless headsets, and more. ANFR will check the SAR measurements for these devices to ensure compliance. SAR is a measure used for cell phone radiation exposure.

Just like cell phones, the SAR must appear in the instructions as well as at points of sale and near the equipment. In sharp contrast, efforts such as the Berkeley and San Francisco Cell phone Right To Know Ordinances to inform the US public about cell phone radiation at point of sale in the United States have been hit with lawsuits by the wireless industry.

ANFR , the government frequency test agency of France, created a video explaining the new regulations....

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