Environmental Health Trust reveals concealed FCC cell phone tests showing human radiation exposure limits “were exceeded”

From press release at link below:

WASHINGTON, DC, April 22, 2024 — The Environmental Health Trust (EHT) revealed today that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) hid test results showing that radiation exceeded federal limits when smartphones were in close proximity to the human body, such as in a pants pocket. The FCC apparently failed to disclose this information to the U.S Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

In 2019 the agency tested several Apple, Samsung, Blu and Motorola smartphone models for cell phone radiation SAR levels.

The FCC test results for phones in the pocket (2 mm) were not public until September 29, 2023, when they were released to EHT as a result of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The FCC FOIA letter states that for certain phones: “We observed that at a 2 mm separation distance, the FCC radiofrequency (RF) exposure limits were exceeded.”

Read more: https://ehtrust.org/press-release-concealed-fcc-cell-phone-radiation-tests-show-human-exposure-limits-were-exceeded/

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