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UK teacher with EHS granted early retirement on health grounds A UK teacher has kindly written the following article to draw attention to a growing problem. Teachers are particularly prone to developing EHS, cancers and neurological conditions if their schools allow the current extraordinarily high levels of electromagnetic energy from wifi, laptops, tablets and mobile phones UK teacher retired on ill-health grounds as a result of injury/illness from wifi in school

A UK teacher has been assessed by medical advisors to the Department of Education as being permanently unable to teach or carry out any gainful employment, because of injury/illness resulting from exposure to radio-frequency radiation ... commonly known as Electrosensitivity.

This is the type of radiation emitted by wifi, mobile phones, iPads, DECT phones, smart meters and other wirelessly transmitting gadgets now commonplace in all British schools. Yet France has banned it from its nursery schools, and other countries are following suit....

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