Rana’s challenge – a World CP Day success story

From Cerebral Palsy Alliance

'How a global network of innovators came together to develop a world-first solution to pain communication for non-verbal children with cerebral palsy.

As the mother of a non-verbal child with cerebral palsy, Rana Zarzour is faced daily with a heartbreaking communication barrier – how to best support her daughter and understand her needs.

When Rana saw the World CP Day 2022 call-out for assistive tech ideas, she was inspired to respond with a challenge informed by this lived experience – how do we unlock communication for children who experience chronic pain and enable them to share how this affects them with parents and carers?

Rana, who lives with her family in Lebanon, was one of 700+ submissions from the global CP as part of the ‘Millions of Reasons’ campaign. World CP Day organisers brought together a groundswell of crowdsourced ideas, and in just a few weeks, 63,000 votes were cast from 43 countries, narrowing down submissions to a handful of finalists....'


Read more: https://cerebralpalsy.org.au/news-stories/ranas-challenge-a-world-cp-day-success-story-2/

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