The Refugee Educator Academy (REA)

the flagship program of the Center for Professional Learning

The REA is a global community of practice designed to support educators and to offer sustainable, holistic learning opportunities for teachers working in refugee displacement, crisis, migration, and resettlement contexts.

The Refugee Educators Foundations of Practice (REFP) course is a critical resource within the REA designed with and for teachers in the United States and other resettlement contexts. REA’s Quality Holistic Learning Project (QHL) supports holistic learning for teachers and students alike, particularly in displacement and crisis settings, and offers a growing collection of professional development open educational resources (OERs).

REA also offers micro-credentials linked to both REFP and QHL professional development opportunities. All resources and experiences developed within the REA are co-created with teachers with the Sustainable Learning Framework serving as a guidepost for these efforts.


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