TAC Bulletin ‘Special’ – Mid-May 2016 – Issue 180

Editor Peter Limbrick 

About this Bulletin  

2-day workshop for practitioners who want to support families of disabled children with their sleep issues. Manchester, UK, in June 2016. Places available  

- There is also a 1-day sleep workshop for all staff in schools and residential settings. Our 2-day and 1-day workshops can come to your team at your venue.  

Workshops for practitioners helping disabled and autistic children and teenagers with bowel and bladder control 

- The next 2-day workshop is in Manchester, UK in  October 2016. If you wish, the workshop can come to your team at your venue. 


Caring Activism: A 21st century concept of care - by Peter Limbrick. Edited by Professor Hilton Davis 

- A guide to supporting vulnerable adults and children who get little or no support from any organisation. Available from Interconnections and Amazon.

Horizontal Teamwork in a Vertical World: Exploring interagency collaboration and people empowerment - by Peter Limbrick

- A guide to joining services together for children and adults who need support from multiple providers. Available from Interconnections and Amazon.


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