TAC Bulletin Update - Issue Number 174 - Mid-February 2016

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Is Play Therapy effective? Yes, 77% of the children referred…show a positive change

TAC Outline: Team Around the Child in early childhood intervention – what it is and how it grew out of the One Hundred Hours project

Wi-fi in classrooms in your country and mine. Deep concern featured on Fox News – VIDEO

Family survey - children with complex health care needs

New SEN system failing children – ‘SEN reforms have led to chaos and confusion in some areas’ says a report from Driver Youth Trust

Sue and Charles and Oliver and Jessica – and then Clare. A story showing effective help for a family does not have to be complicated

Palliative care and the Global Goal for Health – major report

New Paths to Inclusion Network: Achieving change through inclusive and person-centred support for persons with disabilities

Early Intervention Special Education License Program (EISE) – from USA

Alcohol and pregnancy: Preventing and managing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders – BMA report

Childhood motor coordination and adult psychopathology in extremely low birth weight survivors

Government Study Suggests Autism Overdiagnosed – study from USA


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