Understanding burnout among parents of children with complex care needs: A scoping review informed by a stakeholder consultation

By Nathalie Patty et al

From the abstract:

The concept of parental burnout has been proposed to be helpful for describing and understanding the impact of parenting children with complex care needs (CCN). The objective of this scoping review was to investigate the aims, methods, and results of research on burnout among parents of children with CCN, and to inform the interpretation as well as implications for research and practice through a stakeholder consultation …

Prevalence of burnout among parents of children with CCN varied between 20 and 77%. Parents of children with CCN reported on average higher burnout scores than parents of children without CCN … While all studies focused on parents with children with CCN, very few studies specifically focused on burnout within the context of parenting a child with CCN.


The concept of parental burnout highlights the extremes of stress and burden experienced by parents of children with CCN. By focusing more on contextualized definitions of parental burnout, research may unravel the complex interplay between personal and contextual factors pertaining to risk and resilience.


Paper: https://osf.io/preprints/psyarxiv/754yp

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