Impacts to flora and fauna from cell towers, wireless networks and non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation - VIDEO

A science, policy and law webinar from Environmental Health Trust

From the Trust:

The rapid proliferation of wireless antennas (including those on cell towers, 5G/4G small cells and rooftops) into national parks, wilderness, urban and suburban ecosystems is increasing the environmental levels of non-ionizing radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation.

Scientific evidence indicates that wireless RF and other non-ionizing electromagnetic fields are an environmental pollutant presenting critical exposure risks to wildlife and the natural environment. 

This webinar features experts in science, law and policy discussing the need for protective regulations. The first half of the webinar features co-authors of a landmark three-part review, “Effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on flora and fauna” documenting 1,200 studies indicating a myriad of harmful effects to wildlife even at very “vanishingly low” exposure levels. 


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