Co-development of the ENVISAGE-Families programme for parents of children with disabilities: Reflections on a parent–researcher partnership

By Kinga Pozniak, Andrea Cross, Rose Babic, Vicki Cavalieros, Rachel Martens, Peter Rosenbaum, Christine Imms, Monika Novak-Pavlic, Abha Balram, Debra Hughes, Bridget O'Connor, Laura Miller. First published: 22 May 2022


In childhood disability research, the involvement of families is essential for optimal outcomes for all participants. ENVISAGE (ENabling VISions And Growing Expectations)-Families is a programme comprising five online workshops for parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

The workshops aim to introduce parents to strengths-based perspectives on health and development. The research is based on an integrated Knowledge Translation (iKT) approach, in which knowledge users are involved throughout the research process. This article is co-authored by the ENVISAGE health service researchers (N = 9) and parent partners (N = 3) to describe the process through which we co-developed and implemented the workshops....

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