Open letter to UK’s four Children’s Commissioners about dangers to our children from smartphone and wi-fi radiation

At least, children’s commissioners can start protecting the children in their own families now they have seen the science


Bruce Adamson (Scotland)

Sally Holland (Wales)

Anne Longfield (England)

Koulla Yiasouma (N. Ireland)

December 11th, 2019

Dear Koulla, Anne, Sally and Bruce,

I was pleased to be able to report in the TAC Bulletin that Europe’s Children’s Commissioners and Ombudsmen had taken an interest in these dangers at their meeting in Belfast this year. I think that inviting the neuroscientist, Dr Sarah Starkey, to talk at the meeting on ‘Safeguarding the health and development of children and young people: radiofrequency signals’ was a brilliant idea.

I sympathise with the dilemma that Children’s Commissioners must often face. While hearing appeals for help from children and young people about various dangers to their health and wellbeing, as Commissioners, you have to work within guidelines acceptable to your governments. This must sometimes be frustrating in the extreme.

As it happens, though, you are unlikely to be flooded with complaints from children and young people about dangers to them from smartphone and wi-fi radiation. Why? Because there is no reliable information about the dangers for children to read. The only information they get is from glossy advertisements and from the blurb on the boxes their gadgets come in. They are kept in ignorance of the dangers so the industry can prosper. 

But children need help from Children’s Commissioners because they have nowhere else to go. UK governments’ departments of health and education and all the major children’s charities offer no support to children and young people who are concerned about, or are suffering from, this radiation.

Whenever I appeal to these organisations I am given the official line that there are no problems, that long-term exposure to radiation poses no threats to physical or mental health to babies, children or teenagers. This is the official government guidance and it lags behind the science. Just as it did with asbestos, smoking, secondary smoking...

While I await further information from you in the months to come about how you will respond to these dangers, I take some small comfort from knowing that you and the other people who listened to the science at your meeting, now have an opportunity to protect children in your own families and friendship networks – even if you are not yet in a position to alert children in general about the dangers.

What could the elements of this precautionary protection include? Here is my starter list:

  • Buy a small radiation monitor to show you which places are safe for your children to spend time in
  • Keep your house free of wi-fi by using wired gadgets
  • Liberate young children from smartphones
  • Never put radiating gadgets near pregnant women
  • Do not use wi-fi baby alarms - ever
  • Make the above scientific presentation available to staff and parents at your children’s nurseries, schools and colleges
  • Help your local community become aware that a clean and healthy environment for children to grow up in means an absence of radiation
  • Support your climate-conscious children to understand that that this new technology and social networking consumes vast amounts of electricity
  • Explain to all your family that very young children are being used and abused to mine the precious metals these gadgets need

I want to thank you again for considering this issue at your Belfast meeting and for taking the time to hear the scientific evidence.

With respect and all good wishes,


From Peter Limbrick, Interconnections

E-mail: peter.limbrick@teamaroundthechild,com

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