Speech Professionals Denounce Controversial Communication Methods (US)

‘…there is extensive evidence of harms related to the use of FC. Information obtained…should not be considered as the communication of the person with a disability.’ (From Position Statement)

Extract from article by Courtney Perkes in Disability Scoop,August 15, 2018

A group representing the nation’s speech-language pathologists is warning against using controversial “facilitator-dependent” communication techniques with people who have disabilities.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, or ASHA, unanimously approved position statements this month discouraging the use of “facilitated communication,” “rapid prompting method” and similar practices. The group said people with communication disabilities have the right to effective, independent means of communication.

In its statement on facilitated communication, ASHA said that extensive scientific research has found that messages “are authored by the ‘facilitator’ rather than the person with a disability”. A facilitator is used to provide physical support for the person to point to letters or pictures on a keyboard or communication board…

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