Elaine Schad is a mother who has cerebral palsy. This is her story

Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a mother...it played out in a way I hadn’t expected or anticipated

She writes:

‘One day I came home from Kindergarten and told my parents I no longer wanted to do my weekly Occupational Therapy session, since I had found out the other children in my class didn’t have to do this.

‘I developed Cerebral Palsy shortly after birth, I’ve not known anything different. I have right hemiplegia (right arm and leg affected) though it’s mild enough that I went to mainstream schools and if one isn’t watching me closely, one mightn’t even notice.

‘In my early 30’s, I got fit - so I challenged myself to do all the things that many wouldn’t expect someone with CP to do - a 55km bike ride, I ran the city2surf twice and the most notable was playing and competing in an Oztag competition. No one ever expected that I’d be able to play a team ball sport. I recognised then that this is what I had longed to do whilst watching from the sidelines at school - Being part of a team. I wasn’t the best footy catcher (and sometimes I didn’t catch the ball) but having gone out and played anyway makes me proud. These days I’m no longer an aspiring athlete though I still jog, only to keep fit (I’m not longer timing myself to ensure I am keeping pace)....’

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