Two classics about multiagency integration: ‘Integrated Pathway’ and ‘Horizontal Teamwork’. Special offer - 20% reduction

spoff“Time and again we construct an... integrated system for a... category of service user only to see it crumble in the face of stronger forces  ̶  like a sandcastle before the incoming tide.”


‘An Integrated Pathway for Assessment and Support: For children with complex needs and their families’

‘Horizontal Teamwork in a Vertical World: Exploring interagency collaboration and people empowerment’

These two books by Peter Limbrick are technical manuals about joint working around people who need multidisciplinary and multiagency support.  Joint working has to be at two levels: Firstly between local senior managers to create integrated pathways with a single point of entry and then between the practitioners around each child or adult.

‘Integrated Pathway’ focuses on babies and pre-school children who have disabilities. ‘Horizontal Teamwork’ focuses on people of any age who have disabilities or are vulnerable for some reason, perhaps in a time of crisis. For reasons I cannot explain, ‘Horizontal Teamwork’ has been very popular in Canada and Australia, while ‘Integrated Pathway’ has had a mostly UK readership so far.

There are 8 sample pages from ‘Integrated Pathway’ here.

There are all chapter summaries from ‘Horizontal Teamwork’ here.

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