Opening Doors – Strengthening families. Ending institutional care across Europe. What is the situation in your country?

The latest compilation of data from 16 European countries document why institutional care – unnecessary, outdated and harmful type of care – still remains a problem for hundreds of thousands of children within EU borders and beyond. 

Through recommendations addressed to policymakers at EU and national level, the campaign bridges country-specific evidence with further actions to ensure sustainability of reforms, effective use of funds and better outcomes for children during the process of deinstitutionalisation.

Lessons learned from the progress provide valuable information and experience from across member states, pre-accession countries and countries within the EU neighbourhood to readjust the reform process accordingly.

While Europe has made strides towards the transition from institutional to family and community-based care, findings from 2017 country factsheets, released by the Opening Doors for Europe’s Childrenreveal that policy commitments and money should be channelled more efficiently into families and communities, not institutions. 

opening doors

Learn more about key findings from the new country fact sheets here.

For a comprehensive picture, check out the full list of 2017 country factsheets.

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