Who is in need and desperate on your patch? Be a Caring Activist, find out, join with others and do something about it. My country or yours


Peter Limbrick writes: Austerity measures leave thousands of vulnerable and disabled adults, children and elderly people without effective support as they face such dire circumstances as loss of income, eviction from home or a long and lonely old age.

There are teenagers with a learning disability who have left school and are now stuck at home with no training, further education, work or social activity. Other young adults with special needs are leaving their care home without adequate support. There are exhausted and stressed families whose disabled child, with uncertain life expectancy, is in and out of hospital – leaving the whole family impoverished and socially isolated.

These people are on your patch and Caring Activism offers you, as a concerned citizen, a way to help. Caring activists do not work alone. They create power with others to counter the effects of austerity in their neighbourhood.


Caring Activism can also support you if you work in a charity or local agency. Every helping agency I have ever met:

  • · has more people on its books than it can help effectively
  • · never offers as much help to each individual as it would like to
  • · turns some desperate people away because they do not meet the criteria

If you work in one of these organisations and austerity is making everything worse, you might consider Caring Activism as a grass-roots resource you can work with.

We know thousands of disabled people are becoming more desperate, more neglected, more marginalised. Caring Activism is part of a caring response.


Caring Activism: A 21st century concept of care

Written by Peter Limbrick

Edited by Professor Hilton Davis

Published by Interconnections in 2016

ISBN: 978 0 9576601 1 3

Cost: £12.99

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Caring-Activism-21st-Century-Concept/dp/0957660111/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1470479039&sr=1-1&keywords=caring+activism

Interconnections: http://www.teamaroundthechild.com/bookshop/caring-activism.html

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