A Caring Activist Team to support a vulnerable teenager, adult or elderly person costs absolutely nothing. Here is how you do it on your patch…


Peter Limbrick writes: Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people are struggling to cope each day without effective support. The desperate situation is made worse in countries with austerity programmes and in countries with new migrant populations.

Public services are never going to help all of these people because they cannot stretch their resources that far. Voluntary agencies have their own funding cuts so they will never be able to help them all either.

Caring Activism is designed to rescue vulnerable people who have fallen through all the usual safety nets. It is action by citizens like you and me who want to make a difference in their own neighbourhood.

Caring Activism means people create power with others in a collective effort to support people of any age who have no other help available.

One Caring Activist Team supports just one particular vulnerable person on their patch


Here is how you start a Caring Activist Team: http://www.caringactivism.com/index.php/starting-a-team

Here is a book on the subject: Caring Activism: A 21st Century Concept of Care – a book for 2016 by Peter Limbrick and edited by Professor Hilton Davis

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