Discussion topics to promote early child and family support. What do you think the most important issues are?

Are we making progress or losing ground?

My dream is that early child and family support around the world will be effective in family terms, fully integrated between local agencies and available at the time of need to all families in the locality. What would you add to this?

With this aspiration in mind, I have commented on possible content for the coming conference in Portugal in 2025. (My comments can be seen here.)

I am going to continue this series of ‘early support wishes’ in TAC Bulletin but without limiting my wishes to the Portugal conference. Whether that conference breaks new ground as a world summit, or is just the sort of local conference in which scientists (mostly male, mostly white, mostly Western) talk to each other over the heads of families (the main stakeholders) remains to be seen. But I wish the organisers well and hope they will be brave in their planning.

I feel early child and family support is progressing much too slowly (if it is progressing at all) and will not get much further unless family members, early support workers and academics come forward with radical ideas.

I will be happy to give space to your thoughts on the Interconnections website and in TAC Bulletin. Please get in touch.

Peter Limbrick, Interconnections.

January 2024

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See: Thoughts following Michael Guralnick’s 2023 paper on design of early child and family support

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