NOFASUK Press Release ‘Avoiding Alcohol in Pregnancy IS a Feminist Issue’ and their invitation to a summit

  Press release dated 18/5/17: Avoiding Alcohol in Pregnancy IS a Feminist Issue

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service today claimed that “advice to pregnant women about drinking alcohol may cause more harm than good.”

In response to this, Sandra Butcher, Chief Executive of The National Organisation for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome-UK said:

 “In their efforts to support women, such statements cause distress and concern to thousands across the UK who have a Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, to birth mothers and to all those who love and support people with this lifelong brain damage and the over 400 other physical and developmental issues that can be related to in utero exposure to alcohol,”

People with FASD face a lifetime of struggle for diagnosis, services and support. It is more widespread than understood.  Experts say this disability may affect more people than autism. Butcher continued:

“Using a national platform to seemingly advocate for drinking during pregnancy is an archaic view, in direct contradiction of the UK’s leading exerts who say no alcohol is safest and it’s out of synch with international best practices.  Their retro stance is appalling.”

Frankly, I am tired of people telling me drinking during pregnancy is a feminist issue, as defined by them, and that I am being ‘sexist’ if I suggest otherwise.  The whole point of the feminist revolution was encouraging informed choices on women’s reproduction.  How can you be informed if you don’t understand that the single-most effective way to protect your baby’s brain is to avoid alcohol?  Older, better educated women are those who are drinking most during pregnancy.  It’s truly sad that these same women who avoid soft cheeses ignore guidance on the risks of alcohol in pregnancy, which can cause more damage than heroin, crack or smoking.”

Butcher issued this important invitation:

“NOFAS-UK invites the organisers and cosponsors of today’s BPAS conference to a summit where they could meet with key stakeholders on this issue, to help them better understand the devastating impact their cavalier dismissal of standard medical advice has on thousands and thousands across the UK who are seeking to have this hidden disability taken seriously.  I know many families who would happily invite these naysayers into their homes for a day so they could see just what risks they are encouraging women to unknowingly take.”

NOFAS-UK ( is a member of the FASD UK Alliance ( ). The UK and European Birth Mum’s network ( ) is also an FASD UK Alliance member organisation, a ground-breaking network set up specifically to help women grapple with these important issues. Butcher said,

"No story about this issue is complete if key stakeholders have not had their voices heard.”

Contact:  Sandra Butcher, Chief Executive, The National Organisation for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome-UK

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