Open letter to Kate Middleton – Part Two

A campaign to benefit ALL children with no exceptions

[For readers in other countries, Kate Middleton is part of the English royal family and has launched the ‘Shaping Us Campaign’ to create national public awareness of the critical importance of a child’s first five years.Contact: 'Centre for Early Childhood' This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]


Dear Kate Middleton,

I hope the Shaping Us Campaign is going well. I have a suggestion to make.

In the executive summary of the Royal Foundation's ‘Understanding public attitudes to the early years’ it is reported that only one in four people recognise the specific importance of the period from conception to 5 in securing health and happiness in adulthood.

I feel sure there is much to learn from that minority of 25%. This group will surely include parents and other family members of babies and infants who have significant challenges to their development and learning. These adults are watching every day for signs of their child’s development in communication, socialising, movement, dexterity, cognition and in the natural activities of getting dressed, washing, playing, mealtimes, moving around, sleeping, etc.

These adults have a very keen awareness of the impact of these early skills on later life  ̶  going to school, being independent, getting a job, enjoying relationships, being a citizen with rights and responsibilities.  

I see this group of adults having much to offer to the Shaping Us Campaign. They know what helps them bring up their children and what gets in the way. They know first-hand about the deep anxieties and great joys of watching their child develop and learn. They hold dreams of how everything could be so much better.

There are many groups in England who could help you be in touch with these parents and family members. I think you will find them a rich resource.

With respect and all good wishes,

Peter Limbrick

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