Disabled Village Children by David Werner. This book is highly recommended by TAC Bulletin

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Peter Limbrick writes: This is book is a rich store of ingenuity, creativity, care and compassion. It is in the spirit of caring activism in that it suggests how to help disabled village children when no help is available from anywhere else. The resources for this come from disabled children, their families and communities.

In my view, the book has relevance in:

low-economy countries

refugee populations

countries where children have been damaged by war

countries such as the UK where austerity leaves thousands of families in poverty with unmet needs


There are three Parts:

Working with the child and family

Working with the community

Working in the shop (This features a shop for making aids run by disabled villagers)




In the spirit of this book, find a few people to share the cost with you and then keep it as a shared resource.

Disabled Village Children

By David Werner

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