PRECI in Australia. The new kid on the block. How will it develop and grow from this poor start?

Harnessing the expertise of professionals and researchers but not parents


PRECI: Professionals and researchers in early childhood intervention

Editorial comment:

We should welcome any new initiative that might improve the wellbeing of some children and families in some parts of some countries. Looking to the future, I have some questions:

1.  The PRECI focus is on professional and researchers. Will representative families be invited in? How can they not be?

2.  A look at the website suggests the committee members are very predominantly white.  Will people from other races and cultures be invited in? This would better reflect the wonderfully rich make-up of antipodean populations.

3.  The committee members are predominantly from health and ‘therapy’.  Will there eventually be a better balance between health and education?  This would seem to be necessary if PRECI is going to help rescue children and families from an out-dated medical model of support.


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Peter Limbrick, October 2023.

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