Towards Inclusive Education and Beyond. EASPD 2021 Lisbon Declaration. (It would be wonderful if this also applied to babies and pre-school children - Editor)

Inclusive education systems reflect and respect the diversity in society and accommodate all learners

From Section 3: Adapting the system to the learner -  

‘Access to education is a fundamental human right, as enshrined in several international and European Human Rights documents. This right extends to all people, including those with disabilities, as re-affirmed in the

‘United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD), which recognises the right

to an inclusive education without discrimination and on the basis of equal opportunity at all levels of education in the human life-course, including pre-school services, vocational education and lifelong learning. Inclusive education enables students to learn side by side to their peers in the same classroom, regardless of their differing background or support needs.

‘In an inclusive education system, the framework changes to adapt to and welcome every learner, who is valued and able to contribute to the learning environment and all other areas of the school community, including artistic, cultural and sporting activities....’

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