A question from Positive Action in Housing to UK’s Home secretary

Why were 400 vulnerable men, women and children moved from flats in Glasgow into rundown hotels during the Lockdown?

Robina Qureshi, Director of Positive Action in Housing, writes:

Following the tragic death of 30 year old Syrian Refugee Adnan Olbeh in Glasgow, i an writing to let you know we have today written a letter to the Home Secretary to ask her to:

• Tell us why Mears and the Home Office ignored the Lockdown restrictions imposed by the UK Government since April by transporting hundreds of vulnerable people 4 or 5 to a van out of the safety of self-contained flats into empty Glasgow hotels (where social distancing is impossible and there is increased risk of catching the Coronavirus in crowded dining rooms and lifts)

• Urge her to restore the weekly allowance of £35.50 to Glasgow’s “hotel asylum seekers” and to move people back into self-contained accommodation before a further tragedy occurs. Our greatest fear is that there are many people like Adnan currently residing in the hotels without money or proper support. 

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