Help for families and professionals

This is written by Peter Limbrick. He is principal of Interconnections and originator of the TAC (Team Around the Child) approach. He has written several books which you can see in the BOOKSHOP on the home page.


Helping families

Most of my experience in recent years has been with babies and very young children who have disabilities and special needs. I am very interested in children who have several conditions at the same time, for example difficulties with movement, vision, hearing and learning. Sometimes these conditions are diagnosed and sometimes they are just suspected.

My work is to help families as they learn how best to bring up their new child. This can mean helping them adjust to their new situation, helping them understand more about what their child needs and learning how to become their new child’s first teachers.

I am in the UK but I will answer enquiries from families in any country and in any situation. Some families might need to find an interpreter so that our communications will be as clear as possible.

Families in my region (Powys in Wales and Herefordshire in England) can probably expect more direct support. This is a free service unless a family asks for intensive help over a few weeks or months.

When a family first approaches me I will say if I think I can help. Then I will ask some question so I learn more about the child, the family and their situation. [Interconnections is not an organisation that can give money to families.]

If this interests you, please send an e-mail to:

Peter Limbrick


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel (UK): 01497 831550


Helping professionals

I always try to help practitioners or managers  who approach me from any country. Some use an interpreter so that our communications are as clear as possible.

Please use the e-mail address above. I will probably respond with some questions to learn more about what you need.


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