Helping you to support sleep-deprived families  

Countless families who have a baby, child or teenager with disability and special needs suffer serious and long-term sleep deprivation. All aspects of their lives are affected. Families often keep the problem to themselves because they imagine no help is available. Professionals often remain unaware because the subject is not covered in assessments. The problem remains hidden.

At Interconnections we offer support to professionals in any country so they can help sleep-deprived families. This includes:

 - A 2-day in-house workshop at your venue for up to 18 delegates

 - A 1-day in-house workshop at your venue for up to 30 delegates

 - A facilitated 1-day team discussion at your venue to help you think through how you can enhance the sleep support you offer to children and families in your care.  

  Julie Sutton is our sleep consultant and senior trainer.As a Learning Disability Nurse with over 20 years’ practice experience, Julie Sutton has a special interest in sleep interventions designed to meet the needs of children with disabilities and regularly delivers training focused in this area. Julie is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at the University of Chester, on the Pre-Registration Nursing programme. She is also a Research Capacity Building Corporation (RCBC) Wales Scholar having been awarded a studentship to undertake doctoral research developing sleep hygiene education interventions for children with developmental disorders, at Bangor University. Julie is also an experienced freelance trainer and associate member of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) of teaching fellows.


 2-day Training Workshop

This workshop provides a sound knowledge of sleep theory and equips professionals with the specialist skills to support families of disabled children.

The topics to be covered include:

 - Mechanisms of typical sleep, for example, sleep phases and cycle

 - Different categories of sleep disorder commonly seen in disabled children

 - Partnership working with families of disabled children

 - How complex health needs associated with disabled children impact on sleep

- Understanding the role of medication in tackling sleep disturbance

- Preventing sleep problems and developing positive sleep habits

 - Assessing sleep problems using diaries and questionnaires

- Understanding how different strategies for change work and knowing how to apply them 

The training is specifically designed for frontline professionals who work with families of disabled children including health visitors, community children's nurses, doctors, child development centre staff, school nurses, family support workers and psychologists. This is an opportunity to gain practical skills and develop best practice in sleep work with these families. The course is in English and is limited to 20 participants.

 1-day Training Workshop

This course is for anyone working with babies, children and teenagers who needs to learn more about sleep, the problems that can arise and how to promote support.  The course is designed for all people working in schools, centres and residential settings, whether they have a professional qualification or not. The course is in English and is limited to 30 participants.

The topics to be covered include:

 - Knowledge of typical sleep

 - Awareness of common sleep problems in children

 - Understanding of sleep diary use

 - Understanding of how to tailor sleep hygiene advice to need


To plan the discussion day, we learn from you during the previous weeks what your needs are so the facilitator can come fully prepared.


These costs exclude expenses.

2-day training workshop for up to 20 delegates: £1,300.

1-day training workshop for up to 20 delegates: £900.

1-day consultancy discussion for your team: £800.

To discuss your needs please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.













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