ISAPIN network

ISAPIN Network
This is a new world network for everyone committed to the ideal of joint working around babies, children and adults who have disabilities and special needs - integration made possible.
To apply to join the ISAPIN network, please e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Recent history:

2003. Interconnections publishes An Integrated Pathway for Assessment and Support. For children with complex needs and their families

2012. Interconnections publishes Horizontal Teamwork in a Vertical world: Exploring interagency collaboration and people empowerment

March 2020. Interconnections publishes Integration Made Possible: A practical manual for joint working, multiagency - multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary

April 2020. Interconnections establishes ISAPIN network

ISAPIN Network resource bank
ISAPIN Network was launched in April 2020. Its aim is to promote appropriate integration of elements of health, education and social care as an antidote to fragmentation.
Membership is free and open to:
  • people who have special needs
  • the people around them as family, friends, keyworkers, advocates, etc
  • professionals who provide services in public, voluntary and private organisations
  • academics in colleges and universities
  • people in campaigns and support groups.
There is now a growing resource bank collecting information from ISAPIN Network members.
Resources will include:
  • Examples of integrated service delivery that include some combinations of elements of health, education and social care
  • News of integration projects that are developing
  • Joint working initiatives in regions and countries with well-developed economies and with low economies
  • Teaching in colleges and universities that integrate health, education and social care in some combination
  • Projects in which service users, service providers and academics work together in some combination
  • On-going academic research and projects that integrate health, education and social care in some combination
  • Relevant academic papers
  • Books and other published material on the broad subject of integration / joint working
---------   We welcome all ideas for developing ISAPIN network   ---------


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